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Introduction to WordPress (B129)

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools on the web, making it easy for anybody to post their ideas, pictures, and audio/video. WordPress can be used for not only blogging posts but also to store static information that can be easily updated like a content management system (CMS).

This class teaches the new user how to get their blog up and started quickly while teaching students to fully understand the right way to install, administer, customize and market their blog.

One of the main advantages of WordPress is the use of themes and plugins which can dramatically change the look and functionality of your blog website. Students will learn how to find and install various themes and plugins as well as learn how themes work behind the scenes using template tags with PHP.

Each weekly lecture will give explanations, illustrations, resources, and practical scenarios of setting up your own Wordpress blog.

Applicable Job Roles: web designers, and webmasters.

Week 1 - Getting Started with WordPress
  • Blogging Basics
  • Types of blogs
  • Manual installation on a web server
Week 2 - Administration
  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • Setting up user accounts
  • Elements of a Post
  • Managing Posts, Categories and tags
  • Adding an About page
  • Adding your links
Week 3 - Site Design: Themes
  • How to find and install new themes
  • The basics components and files of a theme
  • How to use widgets
  • Quick PHP Overview
  • Review of basics template tags
Week 4 - Adding Functionality and Interactivity to your Blog
  • What is a Plugin?
  • How to find and install plugins
  • Popular and useful plugins
Week 5 - Marketing your Blog
  • Adding Analytics and RSS Feeds
  • SEO Optimization
  • Integrating social media sites
  • How to monetize your blog
Week 6 - Themes: 'Under the Hood'
  • Blog design considerations
  • Dissecting how a theme works
  • Creating a basic theme from scratch
Good understanding of HTML. CSS and PHP knowledge would be helpful but not required.
You must have an online web host account that is UNIX based (not Windows server) that supports PHP and a MySQL database.

No book is required for this class.

Additional information:

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Introduction to WordPress
Price: $200.00
Item No.: B129
Instructor: Frank Stepanski
Open Courses: No other sessions are scheduled for this course. You can add to your wish list and you will be notified when other sessions are scheduled.

Instructor's ProfileInstructor
Frank Stepanski has over nine years experience in the IT field ranging from Senior Analyst, Designer and Web Developer. Frank has worked with technologies such as PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, SQL Server as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He has also taught web programming classes over five years at a local community college as well as online classes.
Before you register for this class, please read the Outline, Prerequisites, Requirements, Books, and Refund Policy sections carefully.



  • "This was a great introductory course. Frank was incredibly helpful and answered questions that weren't necessarily part of the curriculum for the intro class. I am now looking forward to taking the Wordpress Theme Design class." - Mary Carlson

  • "Good introduction to Wordpress and getting you started in building a new site." - Patrica Saunders

  • "Great intro class. Very informative!" - Jerome Naroden

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  • "This class was exactly what I was looking for -- a good introduction to WordPress. I'm looking forward to the WP template design class." - Susan Anderson

  • "Frank is very patient with technical novices. He keeps calm even when you may be in a panic. His teaching style helps you relax, take a deep breath and solve the problem. I love my WordPress site and I thank him for his instruction." - Jill Lee

  • "Good overview of the topic plus plenty of suggestions for further study. Relevant assignments. Prompt and helpful instructor response to posted work and questions." - Carol Margot DeLong

  • "I absolutely enjoyed the whole learning process. Thanks very much to Frank's instruction! The lectures are well designed and instructor is very helpful. Overall love it!" - Ching Hsin Shih

  • "Frank is very well organized and displayed a high level of knowledge concerning Wordpress. He responded to questions quickly and was positive and encouraging concerning students' efforts.
    I would like to take a course that is at the intermediate level for Wordpress. In other words, a course that leads students through the steps necessary to create their own Wordpress themes. I would be pleased to find that Frank was teaching such a course.
    Frank is a terrific instructor. But I believe the course description on eClasses should include a caveat that warns readers that this class is not aimed at web developers and only deals with the WYSIWYG component of Wordpress.
    AND- eClasses would benefit from offering a course on theme development for the most popular CMS around." - Teresa Thompson

  • "Good information, well written lessons and a helpful and enthusiastic teacher." - Yvonne Janssen

  • "This course was a great introduction to Wordpress and I am very glad I took it as it is a very different approach to building a website. The instructor was helpful and I hope there will be a follow-up course." - Diane DeLongchamp

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  • "very good class. gave basic information to start you off in Wordpress and how to main. Waiting and hoping for an advanced class offering." - yvonne newman sanders

  • "I enjoyed this class. The pace was good, the assignments were clear, and the instructor was helpful and constructive. I would like to see an intermediate WP class, a WP theme building class, or a "php for WP" class offered." - Susie Jacobs

  • "I learned a lot in a short amount of time. This class is a good place to start with WordPress." - Grace Strother

  • "This was an informative, well-structured introduction to setting up and using WordPress. I found this class useful and would recommend it to anyone interested in getting started with this publishing platform." - Kari Embree

  • "A wonderful class, with an amazing instructor! Frank was always there to answer every question, direct me in the correct way, and teach me things I never knew before! I loved this class, and will use ALL of the information I was taught - in my opinion, that is the test of a great class - provided to me via a GREAT instructor! Thank you, Frank, you are fabulous!!" - Gail De Salvo

  • "This class was well organized and had great handouts. I learned everything I needed to get me well on my way to developing my own custom blog templates. Thanks Frank!" - Pat Steinmetz

  • "Excellent course, and Frank's a wonderful teacher. I especially appreciate the way he accommodated novices as well as those with more advanced knowledge of Web technology. Would definitely recommend!" - Rachel Parker

  • "I really enjoyed Frank's Introduction to WordPress class. The class gave me the right amount of structure and support to enable me to finish my WordPress website, and it was fun too." - Betty Tew

  • "I really enjoyed wordpress with Frank. The lessons were in a very logical order to get a good underdstanding to get up and running .. I hope A WORD PRESS intermediate will follow and Frank is the teacher.. looking forward
    thanks A lot
    airish" - irish echo

  • "Instructions and materials were very clear and concise. I always felt able to put up a question and confident of a timely and informed answer. For me, the class was perfectly pitched at a time when there is so much WordPress instruction around, and one does need to be guided through the maze of information. I enjoyed the class very much and it has given me a great deal of confidence in understanding and manipulating WP. I'm already playing around with WP3 so another class at some point would be great! I'd love the updates please." - Karin brayshaw

  • "Great class! Now I know more than I was hoping. I can't wait for an intermediary WP class! Thank you for this wonderful class, Frank! Mario" - Mario Vlad Tanasescu

  • "Nice class! Nice instructor! That's exactly what you need when starting WP. Learning the basis will go for a long way. Thanks Frank. Your class opened my eyes. -Lucian" - Lucian Pascu

  • "This was one of the best class I ever had at eClasses - questions were answered to my best satisfaction and Frank was very patient and explained if one didnt understand. Thanks a lot.
    Dorothy" - Dorothy Wegmueller-Ngudle

  • "Terrific course!!! Responsive instructor. Frank knows how to teach and guide you through the rough spots. I went from having no knowledge to building 3 blogs and already have 4 new design jobs from what I learned in 6 short weeks. I highly recommend!
    .Elaine S." - Elaine Swyt

  • "Frank was a thoughtful instructor, his lessons were easy to read and follow. It is a beginner's course and I would like to learn more about customizing wordPress. It was an enjoyable course." - Angela Heyburn

  • "The class was a very good introduction to Wordpress. I thank you for having it! It gave me the basis of WP so I can now understand what is going on, and do quite a few things." - Linda Baldwin

  • "The class was very instructional and I really enjoyed the forums and learned a lot from both. It was exciting to start my own blog from the beginning and be able to watch it grow. It was well worth it and I am sorry to see it end. Kathy" - Kathy Hjorth

  • "Great class! In just a few weeks I was able to create a blog that looks professional and takes advantage of the latest plug-ins." - Paul Spingola