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This course is designed to provide web personnel with an overview of the current legal issues facing websites today. Topics include information security, copyright and trademark laws, and social issues relating to cyberspace including privacy, obscenity, and defamation. This course is 6 weeks long.

Applicable Job Roles: webmasters and web content managers.

Week 1: Introduction to Law and Copyrights
  • Jurisdictions
  • American Court System
  • Court Decisions
  • Copyrights
Week 2: Intellectual Property
  • Trademarks
  • Domain Names
  • Patents
Week 3: Uninvited Guest
  • Spam
  • Cyber crimes
    • Phishing
    • Identity Theft
    • Adware vs. Spyware
    • Malware
    • Cyberstalking
Week 4: Privacy
  • Email monitoring
    • Employers
    • Hackers
  • Laws affecting privacy
    • Federal laws
    • Canadian laws
    • European laws
  • Web site privacy
  • Childrens' privacy
    • COPPA
    • COPA
Week 5: First Amendment Free Speech/Press
  • Defamation
  • Blogs
  • Pornography/obscenity
  • Online harassment
  • Hate speech
    • Remedies
    • In Foreign Jurisdictions
Week 6: Contracts In Futuro
  • Binding Contracts
  • Electronic Signatures
  • License Agreements
  • Issues on the horizon
    • Podcasting
    • RSS
    • Social networks
There are no additional software requirements for the course. The students' systems should be Internet ready and capable of surfing the web in a timely fashion. Students should have basic computer skills and be able to download files, copy/paste, locate files on their hard drive, use attachments, etc.

Required Book: Issues In Internet Law: Society, Technology, and the Law

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Legal Issues for Web Designers and Content Managers
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