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 Certified Web Specialist FAQ

How do I get the CWS Certificate?
A: All users must register for each course required under the certification program, once all courses have been completed you will receive your Certified Web Specialist certificate.
I've taken some of the required courses before, do I have to retake the course?
A: No, you do not need to retake the course. Any course you have taken and passed in the past will qualify towards a Certified Web Specialist certificate if the courses is listed.
Do I have to purchase all courses at the same time?
A: No, you can register to the courses as your schedule allows. Please note that by purchasing all required courses at the same time through the Web Specialist Certificate page you will be receive a $100 discount off the regular price of all courses.
What do I do once I purchase the CWS certification package?
A: Once you have purchased the package you will be issued a credit to register to the required courses at any time that your schedule allows you to participate in the courses.
How long does the CWS certification process take?
A: The duration of the courses for each certification range from 4-8 weeks in length. You may take as many as courses as you are comfortable taking at any given time. Please refer to the certification to view how many courses you will need to take, in addition to the duration of each.
I've taken a similar course through another training provider, can I skip one or more of the required courses?
A: No, you cannot skip a course. All required course must be taken through to earn the Web Specialist Certificate.
A course I want to take qualifies for multiple CWS Certificates. Does this mean I just have to take this course once?
A: Yes, you only have to take the course once, and it will apply towards any CWS Certificate it is required in.
How much does the CWS Certificate cost to receive?
A: The certificate is FREE, after all required courses have been credited, taken and passed.
I live outside of the United States, do I need to pay for shipping when I earn the CWS Certificate?
A: No, we cover all delivery fees to anywhere in the world.
Can I earn more than one CWS Certificate at the same time?
A: Yes, you can earn more than one CWS Certificate at the same time. You are not restricted to how many classes you can take at the same time either.
Can my employer pay for my certification?
A: Yes. Please have your employer contact support at or visit our partner page to set up a corporate account.
Will my local workforce pay for my certification?
A: is authorized by many Workforces across the United States as a Eligible Training Provider. Please contact your local workforce and ask if is an Eligible Training Provider.

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