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Introduction to PHP (P100)

PHP is the most popular server-side language used to build dynamic websites, and though it is a very extensive language, this class will take it step-by-step.

The stateless web (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) can only do so much without a dynamic language such as PHP to add the ability to interact with the web server.

You will learn how to make your pages dynamic based upon user interaction, interacting with HTML forms and store and retrieve information from local data sources which include a database.

Objectives for this class:

  • Understand how server-side programming works on the web.
  • PHP Basic syntax for variable types and calculations.
  • Creating conditional structures
  • Storing data in arrays
  • Using PHP built-in functions and creating custom functions
  • Understanding POST and GET in form submission.
  • How to receive and process form submission data.
  • Reading and writing cookies.
  • Security tips (i.e. SQL Injection)
  • Create a database in phpMyAdmin.
  • Read and process data in a MySQL database.

Applicable Job Roles: web designer, web developer, webmaster, web application developers

Week 1: PHP Basics
  • Setting up a development environment
  • Variables, numbers and strings
  • Calculations with PHP
  • Using Arrays
Week 2: Control Structures and Loops
  • Conditional Statements
  • Using Loops for Repetitive tasks
  • Combing Loops and Arrays
Week 3: Functions, Objects and Errors
  • PHP's Built-in functions
  • Creating Custom functions
  • Passing Values by Reference
  • Understanding Objects
  • Server-side includes
Week 4: Working with Forms
  • Building a Form
  • Processing a Form's Data
  • Differences between POST and GET
  • Preserving User Input
Week 5: More with Forms
  • Dealing with checkboxes and radiobuttons
  • Retrieving values from lists
  • Validating and restricting data
  • Sending Email
Week 6: Storing and Protecting Data
  • Setting and Reading Cookies
  • Protecting Online Files
  • Understanding Session Variables
Week 7: MySQL Database Overview
  • phpMyAdmin Overview
  • Using a MySQL Database
  • Reading and Writing Data
  • Completion of Introduction to XHTML (H401) or equivalent knowledge.
  • Completion of Introduction to CSS (H151) or equivalent knowledge.
  • Understanding of programming languages (JavaScript, ASP.NET, etc.) in other web languages would be helpful.
  • You must have an UNIX web host account that supports PHP and a MySQL database.

No book is required for this class.

Additional information:

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Introduction to PHP
Price: $220.00
Item No.: P100
Instructor: Frank Stepanski
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Instructor's ProfileInstructor
Frank Stepanski has a Masters in software engineering and has over 10 years experience in web development. Frank has worked with technologies such as ASP.NET, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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  • "The Intro to PHP class with Frank Stepanski was a fantastic introduction to the basics of PHP. The assignments helped me to get a feel for writing various PHP scripts, using variables, re-using functions, etc.

    I think Frank would be a great candidate to teach an intermediate PHP class as well!" - Elvis Sherman

  • "Challenging class, well taught. Would love to see an intermediate course in PHP" - Paul Helmuth

  • "I'm self taught with everything I do and I have not seen a formal learning structure for almost 10 years.

    This class did what I hopped it would do, round out my understanding of exactly why a given script does what it does. Not just reverse engineer blindly until something works.

    The instructor was very helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to interact with. I'd hope to have her as an instructor again with eClasses." - Matt Johnson

  • "This was a very well structured course that covered a lot of valuable material in a moderately short length of time. I came out with a firm grasp on many PHP concepts that I was hoping to learn. It was definitely worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone needing a good introduction into PHP." - Jacob Bruce

  • "I loved this class. I learned a lot and I would love to see an intermediate class offered." - Kelly Blumer

  • "I really enjoyed the Intro to PHP class. It was great for learning the beginning principles, and how to handle forms in a secure fashion. I anxiously await the offering of the intermediate class, and will also go on to take the SQL/PHP shopping cart class. Thanks!" - Holly Cornish

  • "This class was quite a bit of work for me, but I learned a lot." - Letitia Wetterauer

  • "Triche was a really great instructor...detailed and helpful. I really learned a lot!" - Chris Hare

  • "This was a very good class with a great instructor!!" - Sue Bohlin

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Triche Osbourne's lectures and assignments went a long way to preparing me to take the Shopping Cart With PHP & MySQL Class. I would enthusiastically recommend anyone interested in learning PHP to take this class." - Bunny Bass

  • "We've covered a lot of ground in a very systematic way. I was impressed with the class material, the carefully designed exercises, the thorough answers to our questions. Triche and Gabriele were very helpful and extremely patient in going through each line of code and giving us hints to make us think instead of presenting us with ready answers. Looking forward to an intermmediate course." - Esther Saba

  • "Lectures and supplemental material were excellent. Both instructors gave clear, very detailed responses to questions as well as feedback on assignments. Their clarifying comments on student assignment were personalized and complete. The was challenging as it should be, in my view. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and hope I have a chance to take another with the two of them soon." - Renee Morris

  • "This course was better than expected - using security and form processing as the subject of exercises was brilliant!" - Michael Duerr

  • "Excellent class. Would love to see a second PHP class and be able to take it to the next level. The instructors were both very helpful and very knowledgeable. " - Sue Ayres

  • "This class was amazing - and I get the feeling that some concepts were introduced which were slightly over our heads (as beginners) and yet were important for us to note. It was a lot to digest, but the assignments were very good. Please consider adding an Intermediate PHP class soon as there were MANY of us who would have immediately registered! Kudos to the instructors - they were incredibly helpful and it was obvious how much time and effort they put into the responses to our assignments. Thanks for an amazing class." - karen gehrman

  • "The course covered information not normally found in books. This made the practical assignments difficult to do without lots of back and forth with the instructors. Excellent course but the most difficult I have done with eclasses." - Robert Way

  • "Triche and Gabriele are phenomenal instructors. They responded daily and in depth answering all questions and concerns and explained the material in whatever way we needed to hear it in order to understand it! The material was plentiful and the exercises were real world. I walk away with so much more from this class then I ever expected. I would love to take an intermediate php/mysql class with these instructors if you could make it possible! :)" - Kara O'Day

  • "This has been the best class I have taken anywhere. I learned more in 6 weeks taking this class than in the past 2 years trying to learn on my own! I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to learn php." - Lori Berkowitz

  • "The 30-plus page detailed lectures with step-by-step examples are well-written. The instructors are kind yet firm about students learning best practices and writing secure PHP code. They will teach you how to write modular, reusable code. They will make you think, but they will also keep working with you on both the required and optional assignments until you understand why you should code in particular way. The course is worth far more than I paid." - Heather Ebey

  • "Triche and Gabriele do a fantastic job with this class. By week three, we were clamoring for an Intermediate and even an Advanced PHP class to be taught by them. They are responsive to students, and I feel they really care whether I (and the others in class) learn to write clean, secure, efficient PHP code." - Pamela Riesmeyer