:: Web Study Certificates :: Web Business Certificate

Provides practical skills to run web design business in addition to basic technologies provided by the Web Technologies courses and graphics skills provided by the Web Graphics and Multimedia courses (see above).

Before applying for this certificate, you must successfully complete the core and elective classes through our eClasses program.

Foundation Class (0 required):

  • None Required

Core Classes (1 required):

  • B123 Web Content Writing
  • B320 Search Engine Optimization
  • B321 Web Site Promotion
  • S111 Web Security

Elective Classes (3 required):

  • B111 Contracting Your Services
  • B118 Introduction to Apache Administration
  • B119 Blog and Article Writing
  • B125 Introduction to DNS
  • B126 Introduction to UNIX
  • B127 Introduction to Web Analytics
  • B128 WordPress Theme Design
  • B129 Introduction to WordPress
  • B130 Understanding Drupal
  • B132 Project Management
  • B133 Introduction to Joomla!
  • B134 Intermediate Joomla!
  • B135 Logos Design
  • B137 Web Site Project Management
  • B322 Email Marketing and Strategies
  • B324 Social Media Marketing
  • Any Core Class of the Web Business Certificate.
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