:: Web Study Certificates :: Web Programming Certificate

Prepares the student to work as a Web programmer.

Before applying for this certificate, you must successfully complete the foundation, core and elective classes through our eClasses program. The foundation class forms the basis for learning, and should be completed by all students; however, students who have outside experience or training within the subject may petition to omit the foundation course.

Foundation Class (1 required):

  • P010 Introduction to Programming Concepts
  • P131 Introduction to Javascript
  • P140 Java for Non-Programmers

Core Classes (1 required):

  • MS311 MySQL
  • MS331 Introduction to SQL Server
  • P100 Introduction to PHP
  • P112 Introduction to JSP
  • P121 Introduction to ColdFusion Web Development
  • P132 Intermediate JavaScript
  • P141 Introduction to Programming in Java
  • P179 ASP.NET Web Development with C#
  • P180 Introduction to Visual Basic.NET

Elective Classes (3 required):

  • MS300 Introduction to Database Design
  • MS303 Introduction to SQL (Using Access)
  • MS304 Introduction to SQL (Using MySQL)
  • P122 Intermediate ColdFusion
  • P104 Shopping Cart Using PHP and MySQL
  • P133 Introduction to AJAX
  • P135 Introduction to jQuery
  • P142 Intermediate Java Programming
  • P153 Introduction to Perl
  • P178 Introduction to C#
  • P189 Intermediate ASP.NET Web Development with C#
  • Any core class of the Web Programming Certificate.
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