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Provides the Web developer with a solid foundation in the basic technologies used to create Web sites. This is appropriate for anyone working as a Web professional.

Before applying for this certificate, you must successfully complete the foundation, core and elective classes through our eClasses program. The foundation class forms the basis for learning, and should be completed by all students; however, students who have outside experience or training within the subject may petition to omit the foundation course.

Foundation Class (1 required):

  • H101 Introduction to HTML
  • H401 Introduction to XHTML

Core Classes (1 required):

  • D210 Introduction to Designing Accessible Websites
  • H151 Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Elective Classes (3 required):

  • A131 Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • A132 Advanced Dreamweaver
  • A133 Building Data-Driven Websites with Adobe Dreamweaver
  • D313 Introduction to Web Design
  • H102 HTML Level 2
  • H104 Mobile Web Design
  • H105 Introduction to HTML5
  • H152 Intermediate CSS Workshop
  • H153 CSS 2.1 in Depth
  • H154 Introduction to CSS3
  • X101 Introduction to XML
  • X102 Intermediate XML
  • Any Core Class of the Web Technologies Certificate.
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Item No.: WS101