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Just beginning your web career and not sure how the whole process works? Then this is a good place to start. In this course, students will learn the basics of designing and developing a web site. We'll take a look at design principles and how they apply in a web-based environment, learn effective navigation and content presentation and delve into the development process. We examine some of the how-to's, in's, out's and pitfalls of working with clients and cover some site management techniques and accessibility issues. This class does not teach HTML nor CSS.

Applicable Job Roles: web designers, webmasters, web programmers, and web application developers.

Week 1: Design Principles Part 1
  • Lesson 1 Basics of Design
  • Lesson 2 Elements of Design, Part 1
  • Lesson 3 Elements of Design, Part 2
  • Color, Graphics and Fonts
Week 2: Design Principles Part 2
  • Lesson 1 Applying Concepts and Elements to Design
    • Chunking
  • Lesson 3 Finding Design Ideas
Week 3: Page Layout - Navigation
  • Lesson 1 Principles of Effective Navigation
  • Lesson 2 Navigation Techniques
  • Lesson 3 CSS and Navigation
  • Lesson 4 - Making navigation and orientation easy
Week 4: Accessibility
  • Lesson 1 Understanding Web Accessibility
  • Lesson 2 Comparing WCAG/WAI and Section 508
  • Lesson 3 Accessibility Guidelines
  • Lesson 4 Assistive Technologies
  • Lesson 5 Validation Tools
  • Lesson 6 Tables and Forms
Week 5: File Management
  • Lesson 1 Site Organization
  • Lesson 2 Naming Conventions
  • Lesson 3 Version Control
  • Lesson 4 Content Management Systems
Week 6: Working with Clients
  • Lesson 1 Focus on the Customer
  • Lesson 2 Design Process Part 1
  • Lesson 3 Design Process Part 2
  • Lesson 4 Development
Week 7: Testing
  • Lesson 1 Testing your Site
  • Lesson 2 User Testing
  • Final Project: Build a Website
  • Completion of the HTML course (H101) or XHTML course (H401) or equivalent previous html experience can attend. Material covered in the H101 class will not be covered again in this course.
  • Completion of the Introduction to CSS (H151) or Introduction to CSS3 (H154) or equivalent previous CSS experience can attend. Material covered in the H151 or H154 classes will not be covered again in this course.
  • Students must have webspace available to post assignments, and the ability to post their homework in that webspace.
  • Student browsers should be equipped with the latest Flash Player as some presentation will be in video format. Students will need at least two browsers, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE are recommended for testing.
  • FTP software for uploading assignments, such as WS_FTP at, an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or a text editor such as Notepad for hand coding. Although not required, students will find it helpful to have a photo processing application such as PhotoShop or PSP and drawing program such as Illustrator.

Required Book: The Design of Sites: Patterns for Creating Winning Web Sites

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Introduction to Web Design
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We are looking for an instructor to teach this class. Please visit for more information.
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  • "This course hits a "sweet spot" with respect to someone looking for an understanding and basic skill to develop web sites. For the technically astute, the assignments cover a broad spectrum of web capabilities. For those of us with less technical skill, the flexibility to use ready-made templates is great! It allows us to learn and practice the concepts, without getting bogged down in writing and testing a lot of code. I think the course prerequisites were right on target. You need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS but you don't need to be an expert.

    Peggi is very responsive and helpful. Her lectures are full of timely references. This augments well the text book, which is specifically written to focus on concepts and principles and not details (which would quickly get out of date).

    Peggi does a good job of providing feedback, while recognizing that evaluation of web sites is a very subjective process. The approach of having classmates critique each others' sites is a great one and brings in a good diversity of opinions.

    Suggestions for improvement...

    - Make sure the timeframes for the last assignment are very clear in advance. We e-Classers are creatures of habit and used to cramming our work in on Saturday and Sunday!
    - Might want to provide an intro to testing and QA tools earlier in the class (above and beyond validation) - that would allow us to QA throughout the process.
    - Probably need a bit more emphasis and practice on accessibility. I used a template and I know it needed improvement - but did not have the time to work it.

    All the above are minor points - overall quite pleased with the course. Especially appreciate Peggi's timely review of assignments and quick feedback on questions!

    Julie Wantland" - Julie Wantland

  • "I really enjoyed this class and I feel like I learned so much! Peggy responds very quickly and she knows her material well. I love this course!" - AJ Albers

  • "Peggi is an excellent teacher, and I learned so much from taking this course! The material is well-paced, and yet it really challenges you to do far more than I would have thought myself able to! The resources that accompany the course will serve me well as I move forward in designing - thank you Peggi for a most rewarding experience!" - Jane Gill

  • "This class is awesome! Building a site from start to finish is something you rarely get to do with guidance. It was an excellent experience." - Holly Cornish

  • "Great instructor, and great class!" - Kara Lumsden

  • "This is an excellent class! Peggi is a great teacher who takes time with each student, answers questions thoroughly, and makes very helpful suggestions. I learned way more than I imagined I would!" - Debra Goodrich

  • "I really enjoyed this course and felt I came away with a lot of useful information. The lectures were in-depth and comprehensive and the book was extremely useful. I can see myself continuing to use the resources(book, lectures, etc) provided by this course for years to come. The instructors were very helpful and provided prompt and constructive feedback. It was a great experience AND I got a website out of it!" - Matthew Smith-Gonzalez

  • "You really get a lot of great, relevant, useful feedback, and also a lot of good tips from the instructors. Great Course!!" - Dionne Lie-Sam-Foek

  • "I really enjoyed this class & felt like I learned a lot. I still have a ways to go to feel comfortable building sites but this class finally got me started using all the class materials that I had accrued. I felt like this class was the start of pulling everything together." - Barbara Bradley

  • "I really enjoyed this class and learned alot." - Mary Kate DeCraene

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Instruction was insightful and very well presented. The weekly homework assignments facilitated the weekly subject matter. Lecture materials and reading assignments assisted with the homework. The text was an excellent choice for the course. Critiques were understandable, useful and presented in a supportive manner.

    Both the instructor and TA were able to provide the students with professional insights and taught the class in an organized, professional manner. They were there when any of us needed help.

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone but especially to someone beginning to develop a website after they have a workable foundation in HTML/XHTML and CSS.

    Sheree Thomas" - Sheree Thomas

  • "This class allowed me to polish my skills and achieve a higher skill level. The instructors provided a friendly and instructive atmosphere from the start, something that can be rare in an online learning experience. As a beginner-to-intermediate Web developer/designer, learning and implementation can be intimidating at times. But the instructors were able to teach the course so that many of us with different skill levels could participate, and feel good about it. That's a tough thing to accomplish, but they did it. I can't say enough about the value of this class and about Peggi and Clive. I needed to feel encouraged--the learning curve can be steep at times--but the class and instructors gave me the feedback I needed, as well as the practical design knowledge that I'm already using in my current job.

    This is a notable course for its breadth of knowledge, the textbook, and the instructors. Peggi picked the best design book I have ever known, and provided lectures from her invaluable personal experience! Very helpful! Clive as the co-instructor-was always helpful and very much contributed to the strength and technical knowledge development in the class. Introduction to Web Design was a very productive learning experience and an engaging class, with inspiring content to boot! Thank you so much for an encouraging and enlightening experience! If I were you IWA, I would do whatever you can to retain these instructors--they were excellent, fair, and provided personal coaching to all.
    One of the best courses I have taken so far, though it would be best to have advanced beginner/intermediate knowledge of a tool like Dreamweaver plus some CSS, and XHTML. Then you can really fly in this class! Thanks again IWA, Peggi and Clive!" - Cynthia Johansson

  • "Was an interesting class and I learned a lot of good tips and ideas. Thanks so much to the instructors and IWA for offering these classes!" - Sandra Wolfinger

  • "Wish she could teach all my classes in the future." - Jann Webb

  • "At first this class seemed very intimidating, but I was vastly relieved within the first week when I realized how laid back and sensible the instructors were. Yes, it was a challenge, but they were patient and helpful in every aspect and it has been a great learning experience." - Mary Walker

  • "This was my first e/online class ever - plus the content was totally new to me. Needless to say it was very challenging. Peggi was awesome: She answered all my questions promptly and in detail, and gave constructive feedback on the assignments. I learned a ton - plus, it made me want to take more classes!" - Franziska Moran

  • "Peggi is a fantastic teacher. She is very helpful and establishes a great rapport with the students. I highly recommend this course." - Lisa Voncino

  • "This was a very informative class and I learned a lot from it. Thank you" - Antonio Chavez

  • "I enjoyed it a lot! Gave me an strong foundation and perspective in how much time is involve in planning, designing and creating a website. The course was comprehensive enough to build good base to any person who wants to have this type a work as career. The lecture and the material was appropriate and balanced. I had the opportunity to put into practice everything I learned each week, which is the best way to make all the theory become real and stay in my mind.

    " - Alejandrina Britschgi

  • "Needing a shot in the arm for some of my aging Web sites, this was the perfect class for me to take. Good common sense site construction combined with new ideas and technologies makes this an excellent class for beginners, or professionals alike!" - Sarah Schantz

  • "Eclasses has changed my outlook on a Web career. I believe a new career is now possible.
    I thank you for an affordable program with an excellent staff. " - Neil Petti

  • "The pacing of the class was good -- various topics on building websites were covered weekly in a way that was comprehensive but not overwhelming. Peggi was very attentive and detailed in her responses. Great way to get an overview of website planning. " - Yuki Shichi

  • "The course was very good. I came in with some experience in designing websites, but still learnt plenty. The instructor was very good and always responsive." - Greg Egan

  • "One of the best classes I have taken yet. The instructor provided each student detailed feedback and created a very helpful learning environment. " - Misty Bradley

  • "I only wish I would have discovered sooner! I love the classes. I find them very informative & I hope to earn a certificate soon! Thanks for the opportunity!" - Kristy Burks

  • "Peggi did an awesome job with the class. I learned a lot. This is an awesome class for anyone at any level." - Richelle Anderson

  • "This is a very good course that focuses on the practical issues of web design.

    An extra point to consider is that the course gives one the opportunity to exchange work with other students and see different perspectives on how to go about creating a site.

    I found that my understanding of design went through a jump in this course, and I can see
    areas where many designers make mistakes that I did not used to see." - Dwayne Brock

  • "Hi I really liked this class and would have wanted to spend more time doing the assignment, even at the distracted state i was in because of personal and financial problems, the instructor was able to help me pull through, thanks a lot!!!" - Luisa Castro

  • "This was a great class, and Peggi is an awesome instructor! " - Beatrix Boros

  • "This is my second class with Peggi as an instructor and I count myself lucky! She is an amazing instructor, always quick to respond, help out with suggestions, and very positive with feedback.

    Thank you very much for another wonderful class!" - Colleen Haubrich