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Introduction to HTML (H101)

Have you always wanted to build a webpage? Or have you been assigned the task of managing the company's web presence and don't know where to begin? Maybe you have just been away from it for awhile and need a refresher. Then this is the class for you.

This course will take you through the basics of HTML from the beginning, introduce you to Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) and teach you a bit about the latest version of HTML; HTML5. You'll leave with a strong foundation in HTML and CSS which will enable you to move on to more advanced classes and more technical HTML/CSS challenges.

Applicable Job Roles: web designers, webmasters, web programmers, and web developers and mobile application developers.

Week 1: Intro to HTML - what is it? Basics of FTP and the document structure.
  • Understand what HTML is and how to structure an HTML document
  • Understand the role and importance of the DOCTYPE declaration
  • Effectively use META tags and information (including information for assistive technologies and search engines)
  • Be able to use an FTP program to transfer files to a web server
Week 2: Text, Links and Lists
  • Understand basic content layout coding
  • Understand how hyperlinks work
    • Know how to create hyperlinks
    • Know how to create anchor links
  • Understand how lists work and be able to use them in a webpage
    • Ordered list
    • Unordered list
    • Nested list
  • Understand and use special characters in an HTML document
Week 3: Tables, Images and Accessibility
  • Code a table with rows and columns
    • Combine rows or columns within a table
  • Insert images into a webpage
    • Understand the importance and construct of 'alt' tags
  • Understand what 'accessibility requirements' means and how to address it
    • Coding for screenreaders
    • Validating your code
    • Checking for contrast
Week 4: Forms
  • Understand the structure of forms
  • Be able to create forms that can return the responses via email
  • Experiment with using the HTML5 DOCTYPE
    • Validate your form for user entry using HTML5
    • Using the 'placeholder' attribute
Week 5: Basics of CSS & the HTML5 DOCTYPE.
  • Understand basic CSS
  • Create CSS classes and id's.
  • Be able to use CSS to style a web page
  • Be able to link to an external style sheet
Week 6: Final Project
  • This lesson incorporates all 5 of the previous lessons and you will be creating a functional web site.
  • Students must have webspace where they can post their assignments. You need to avoid webspaces that support banner ads or popup adds as this adds code to your pages. If you do not have webspace, try your ISP first as many provide a small amount of space with your monthly fee. If yours does not, there are a number of free services that are available on the net. A good place to look for free webspace is at or the Free Site at
  • If you prefer a paid webhosting service we recommend the following providers:

Required Book: HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

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Introduction to HTML
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Instructor: Peggi Rodgers
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Instructor's ProfileInstructor
Peggi has been teaching online courses for eClasses several years. She is currently working as a web developer for the County of Marin in California and has taught web design for a Masters program at the University of Florida. Peggi has been employed in the industry for more than 20 years and, up until very recently, owned her own design business called Misty Canyon Designs.
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  • "I loved this class! A great class for moving beyond using a WYSIWYG editing tool, and the pace is designed for the non-traditional student--which is most appreciated!" - Beckie Palmer

  • "Enjoyed taking this course. The instructor, Frani and assistant, Quail were most helpful. I will definitely be trying additional courses." - Elizabeth Wilson

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  • "I like how this course is set up.
    Reading part is easy to understand (especially book "Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML" is great for beginning like me).
    Each assignment is challenge enough without feeling overwhelm.
    And final project keep integrating all the lessons.I really understood what I was doing, and was happy to see personal achievement. Thanks to Frani!!! She is highly knowledgeable
    Instructor. I would recommend her course to anyone who is beginning to HTML." - Alexandra Nguyen

  • "This is a good class for beginning html. I learned a great deal. However, I felt like I was totally on my own and didn't feel that if I had a question it would be answered in a timely matter. I didn't like how a lot of the time if I posted my assigment Monday it wasn't graded until Saturday. Then it left me dealing with two weeks assignments at the same time. Overall I was happy with the class material, and I will be taking more." - Nicole Kutyba

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  • "Excellent course, well taught, Correction remarks always constructive, Very well done. My best to Frani and Quail. " - Peter Brown

  • "Frani and Quail were sucinct but very helpful. Managing questions and assignments from so many students was handled well and we learned a lot! Thanks to both again for a GREAT first class experience!!" - Edith Sharron Blood

  • "I will certainly continue with eClass for other courses. It was interesting and helpful." - Gail Plaisimond

  • "I learned as much in the e-class as I would have in a 15 week community college class . And it cost LESS!" - Alan Markovitz

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  • "An enjoyable class at the level I expected." - thomas randall

  • "Really loved the course. Frani was amazing and made you feel comfortable with the whole concept.
    thank-you" - Marie-Lyne Morant

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  • "Hey, this is what learning is all about. Great class!!!" - Georges Mills-Odoi

  • "I had thought that this course would be very easy, but it wasn't. I appreciate the good quality of this course very much.
    It gave me a lot of information that I would not be able to obtain otherwise. The instructor (Frani) was very good, but also very friendly and patient.

    Thanks a lot.
    " - Tatiana Sidorova

  • "Frani was very helpful. Assignments which followed the book more closely (or a book that follow the assigments more closely) might have helped reinforce the learning process and provided a more solid theoretical foundation. All in all, more than worth the investment of time and money." - Jeff Archie

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  • "The class was very good, the book very helpful and both instructors -- Frani and Quail -- were great teachers who were very clear in articulating their instructions and what was expected of us in this class. Both were also very patient, understanding and reasonable. The only suggestion I would make to improve the course would be to ease up a bit on the assignment load during the week of a holiday, such as Thanksgiving, and maybe made the assignment more difficult during another week to make up for it. Thank you." - joseph young

  • "I have enjoyed this class tremendouly. I have worked hard on the assignments and have gained a lot of skill and knowledge. I want to thank the instructors for their help and their guidance. Thank you." - Annette Turgeon

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  • "Great class - I learned much more than I expected to learn! " - Meg Tully