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Introduction to JavaScript (P131)

JavaScript is a programming language used within a web browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) to create truly interactive web applications.

It is currently the most widely used programming language on the web 92% of all websites use JavaScript). There has been such a recent influx of JavaScript talk on the web today that it is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to get started in the world of web programming and development.

If you are a web designer with no programming experience, or an existing web developer who has not had time to get into client-side scripting, this class will allow you to get up to speed on how JavaScript can be used with HTML and CSS to make your pages standout.

Today's JavaScript is not about opening popup windows, browser detection, mouse-rollovers and the like, but is understanding how to allow your content layer ("HTML") and presentation layer ("CSS") to work seamlessly and unobtrusively with your behavior layer ("JavaScript").

Also, students will learn that it is not necessary to re-invent the wheel with JavaScript and knowing how and when to harness the power of the mighty JavaScript library. These are code frameworks built in JavaScript to quickly expand your codebase of skills without writing hundreds of lines of code.

Note: If you do not have any prior programming experience and think you may need a little extra help in understanding the fundamentals of programming, please review the Introduction to Programming Concepts class.

Applicable Job Roles: web designer, UI web developer, webmaster, web application developers

Week 1: The Grammar of JavaScript
  • Brief history
  • Adding JavaScript to a web page
  • Variables, strings, arrays
  • Using comparison & logical operators
  • Conditional statements: if...else and switch
  • Loop statements
  • Creating custom functions
  • Types of errors; viewing error in your browser
  • Creating your first simple application
Week 2: What are objects?
  • Variable scope
  • Common string methods
  • Math object
  • Common Array methods
  • Date object
  • Browser objects - window, location, document and screen
Week 3: More objects
  • Images array
  • Using forms
  • Event handlers
Week 4: Debugging JavaScript
  • Common debugging and troubleshooting tips and tricks
  • Using Firebug
  • Try...catch syntax
  • Regular expressions
  • Working with images
  • Handling events
Week 5: Understanding the DOM
  • Referencing HTML elements
  • Adding and Editing content to a Page
  • Using anonymous functions
  • Understanding Unobtrusive JavaScript techniques
Week 6: Cookies
  • Reading and writing data to the browser
  • Improving our code
Week 7: Object Oriented Programming Overview
  • Creating custom objects
  • Using object literal notation
  • JavaScript library overview
  • Ajax Overview
Students should be very knowledgeable in XHTML and CSS. Students are recommended to have completed Introduction to XHTML (H401) and Introduction to CSS (H151) or have equivalent knowledge.
  • A modern browser: Firefox for Windows or Mac (required for debugging).
  • A web host to post assignments.

No book is required for this class.
Suggested Book: Jump Start JavaScript

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Introduction to JavaScript
Price: $220.00
Item No.: P131
Instructor: Frank Stepanski
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Instructor's ProfileInstructor
Frank Stepanski has a Masters in software engineering and has over 10 years experience in web development. Frank has worked with technologies such as ASP.NET, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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  • "Well-tailored reading material makes it easier to follow the course. The instructor, Frank Stepanski, is very supportive and responsive - your questions are always answered and with a good humor! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would like to take the next level, JavaScript intermediate, if itís available." - Genyun Li

  • "This class does an excellent job providing the basic building blocks to build a java script. The examples and assignments help gain a solid understanding of how java script works." - Sona Toutounjian

  • "If you are like me, teaching yourself Javascript by following books and tutorials, and you have reached a certain level, I highly recommend you take a beginner's course with Frank before trying any intermediate course. This course may have the word 'beginner' attached to it, but it is challenging, and you will learn and do lots of relevant real world applications that are way different from you will encounter in books and most tutorials online. Trust me take this course before trying to move ahead, books don't really bring out the material the way this course does, and once the course is done, you will find yourself knowing where to go with your Javascript studies. Thank you Frank for your notes, assignments, and help." - fara Sylvain

  • "Class was difficult for me, being that I hadn't done anything like this (programming) since MSDos in the 80s. However, Frank was very quick to respond to questions, and instruction format was thorough. I'll take more courses that Frank Stepanski will teach! definitely!" - Cynthia Snook

  • "Great class! Learned a lot and had sun doing it. Looking forward to taking the Intermediate class." - Jennifer Wilson

  • "A challenging course if you have very little scripting experience, but overall it's a well done and the materials are worth it." - Robert Hoefer

  • "I really enjoyed this class and learned a great deal from it." - Crystal Hayes

  • "I enjoyed the class. I think having two tracks so you can pick the difficulty level of the assignments that you want is a good idea. I appreciated Lucinda's expertise and thought her lessons were well thought out. I would have liked prompter feedback on the assignments. I also think the classroom software could stand to be updated. There are several UI issues that make it clunky to use. Most noticeably is having to click through the same screen twice to get to posted information such as assignments and getting redirected to the top of the page each time. " - Michael Warren

  • "I had a great class, thank you Lucinda. I'll see you in the next class." - Robert Rieck

  • "Very Good Course! The lectures were relevant and the exercises really helped me gain a better understanding of the scripting language." - Brittany Workman

  • "One of the best courses I've taken! It was challenging (I knew it would be when I enrolled), but not too challenging...just right. I had previously purchased several books on Javascript through the years, but they didn't get me far. This course, the flow of learning from week to week, and especially how the book's readings aligned with your lectures, I can't give louder praises for this course, the instructor and how it tremendously assisted me in getting the basics of the language down. I might take a break before enrolling in the Intermediate section (after holidays - I hope it is available then), and challenge myself to take it a step further. I know that much of this is the concept of a new language is using it or losing it, so I will continue to read and practice with the language from now until then so that I don't forget, and very well improve and enhance what I've learned here. For those assignments that I did just the basic, I'll go back now and try the advanced on my own.

    Much appreciation to the instructor of this course! I can tell she (Lucinda Dykes) went the extra mile with the students. The recommended books were good, but the added references that she directed us to and her own lectures made it complete and over and beyond my expectations. I was able to grasp the concepts much easier than some courses in which the instructors aren't quite as involved. The assignments were challenging and I especially liked how we had the option to do basic or advanced since some students may have had prior programming experience while others might have not. This course was an exceptional experience for me!!!!

    " - Lisa Murphy

  • "I really liked Lucinda's style of teaching. I look forward to taking other classes taught by her." - Pat Steinmetz

  • "Excellent course and materials for a complex subject. Instructor was excellent! Website was well organized!" - Sandra Perez

  • "Lucinda was excellent - really knows her stuff and answers everyone's questions quickly and makes sure you understand." - Carol Klotz

  • "Intro to JavaScript was the most challenging, but rewarding course I've taken so far through The instructor, Lucinda, presents the material in an organized and undaunting way. Her assignments forced me to go outside of my comfort zone and really apply the material and the trouble shooting skills Lucinda taught us. I can't wait to take the Intermediate course!" - Lorinda Dishington Ortiz

  • "The course and the instructor were excellent. I very much appreciated the weekly homework assignments which were carefully examined. Certainly covered the basic material I suspect this is a very tough course for a substantial percentage of people. I plan to take it again as I just barely kept up. " - Elwood Vanderslice

  • "I am surprised at how much I learned from this class. I am already applying my new skills to my job. The instructor was very helpful." - Sabrina Curzi

  • "Lucinda is a great instructor. The readings were well selected and the assignments challenging. Lucinda's feedback on each week's assignment was very helpful. I will definitely take the intermediate class. " - James Buchanan

  • "Lucinda gave us challenging yet doable assignments. She is an excellent instructor and gave quick and clear responses to our questions. She brings in outside material that is not covered sufficiently in our book, and she keeps the course up-to-date with current best practices in JavaScript. I learned so much in her class that I have signed up for her Intermediate JavaScript." - Heather Ebey

  • "I was familiar with Javascript, but hadn't learned it from the ground up. Now, the concepts make sense. I was able to use what I learned immediately at work. Thanks. " - David Abrahamian

  • "Challenging course for those with no background in programming. Lucinda was patient and helpful. I think it was good that she offered basic and advanced assignments. I was able to meet my personal goal of gaining an overview of javascript without becoming overwhelmed." - Patricia Thomas

  • "Loved the class! Lucinda is extremely helpful and accessible to students. She does a great job and I'm looking forward to the intermediate class!" - Pamela Riesmeyer