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Programming systems these days are working on many different machines and using many different technologies and programming languages. XML is a modern effort employed to allow communication between all these different systems.

In Introduction to XML course we will cover XML syntax and the most important XML concepts: well-formed and valid XML, DTD, displaying XML with CSS, Namespaces.

Applicable Job Roles: web programmers, and web application developers.

Week 1: What is XML?
  • Introduction to XML
  • Short history of markup languages
  • How does XML differ from HTML?
  • How XML can be used?
  • Getting your tools ready: XML browsers
  • Well-formed XML document
  • What is a well-formed XML document?
  • XML declaration
  • XML elements
  • XML attributes
  • General XML syntax
Week 2: Valid XML document
  • Introduction to DTD - Document Type Definition.
  • What is a valid XML document?
  • Document Type Declaration
  • Element declarations
  • The internal DTD
  • The external DTD
Week 3: XML Attributes
  • What is an attribute?
  • Attribute declaration
  • Attribute types
  • Attribute defaults
  • Enumerated attributes
  • Attributes and CSS
Week 4: XML Entities
  • General entities
  • Parameter entities
  • Character entities
  • Entity declaration
  • Entity reference
  • Escaping data chunks
Week 5: Displaying XML documents
  • HTML versus XML
  • Introduction to CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  • CSS 1, CSS 2
Week 6: XML Namespaces
  • What is an XML namespace?
  • Namespace syntax
  • Declaring namespaces
  • Attributes and namespaces
This course is designed for students proficient in HTML. No previous programming experience is required.
IE5+ browser installed and running on your computer. MAC users must have OSX or newer or access to an XML enabled server.

Required Book: Beginning XML, 5th Edition

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Introduction to XML
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We are looking for an instructor to teach this class. Please visit for more information.
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  • "I thought the lectures were excellently prepared." - Ellen Coman

  • "Really enjoyed the class. Instructor was always prompt and helpful. Also really liked the way the instructor structured the course." - Todd Carter

  • "What a class! It gave me understanding how powerful XML is and thanks to Zarina's lectures, it's challenging just enough to make you work but not frustrate.
    Thank you Zarina and thank you eClasses!" - Milada Piccini

  • "A very comprehensive introduction to XML. I especially liked the lecture notes, which were very helpful. Thanks" - Patsy James

  • "So far the best class I have taken. Zarina provided great feedback and the best materials so far. I look forward to taking other classes she offers." - Jason Sowards

  • "This class was wonderful and the Instructor was very organized!!! Can't wait till the next XML class :)" - Kristen Oliphant

  • "The Introduction to XML course has prepared me to feel comfortable with this technology. My company will be using Oracle's BI Publisher (formerly XML Publisher) and this course opened my eyes to its practicality and its usefulness. Also, I have had Zarina for multiple classes and she provided prompt and constructive feedback. " - Patrick Bacon

  • "The content, format, and the pace of the class were all just right. The instructor responded promptly to questions, and she provided useful feedback on all assignments. This was my first eClass, and I am very satisfied. I plan to register for additional courses." - Dan Segal

  • "I really enjoyed this class. It was very informative and left me wanting to learn more. I'm definitely signing up for Intermediate XML!" - Jessica D'Eustachio

  • "Zarina's lectures and materials are well-designed, clear and concise. She is knowledgeable, prompt in responding to questions, and skilled in crafting those responses. Zarina makes a complex topic accessible." - Susan Bellomo

  • "I really enjoyed Zarina's style and approach. She's very energetic and extremely knowledgeable! I look forward to being in one of her classes again!
    " - Tom Cummiskey

  • "This was a great course for a basic understanding of XML. It was just the right amount of work (i.e. not too demanding and yet challenging enough to make me think critically each week). I really appreciate all of the support that I received from the instructor and the great examples that she provided. I'm looking into the Intermediate XML course.
    " - Chris Scott