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 Web Study Certificates

eClasses.Org offers the Web Study certifications which indicate that an individual has successfully completed a series of courses in a Web development topic through the eClasses program.
You must successfully complete required and elective classes through our eClassessm program. A foundation class forms the basis for learning, and should be completed by all students; however, students who have outside experience or training within the subject may petition to omit the foundation course. A core class is a required class and must be completed through the eClasses program to qualify for the certification. Each certification also requires one or more elective classes chosen from the course list.
Application Process
  • You must pass all courses before submitting the application. Contact us for all related requirements and fees.
Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation letter and a distinctive, gold Web Study Certificate worthy of framing.

List of Foundation, Core and Elective Classes for Each Certificate
Provides the Web developer with a solid foundation in the basic technologies used to create Web sites. This is appropriate for anyone working as a Web professional.

Foundation Class (1 required):
H101 Introduction to HTML
H401 Introduction to XHTML

Core Classes (1 required):
D210 Introduction to Designing Accessible Websites
H151 Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Elective Classes (3 required):
A131 Introduction to Dreamweaver
A132 Advanced Dreamweaver
A133 Building Data-Driven Websites with Adobe Dreamweaver
D313 Introduction to Web Design
H102 HTML Level 2
H104 Mobile Web Design
H105 Introduction to HTML5
H111 HTML Forms
H152 Intermediate CSS Workshop
H153 CSS 2.1 in Depth
H154 Introduction to CSS3
X101 Introduction to XML
X102 Intermediate XML
Any Core Class of the Web Technologies Certificate.
Prepares the student to work as a Web programmer.

Foundation Class (1 required):
P010 Introduction to Programming Concepts
P131 Introduction to Javascript
P140 Java for Non-Programmers

Core Classes (1 required):
MS331 Introduction to SQL Server
P100 Introduction to PHP
P112 Introduction to JSP
P121 Introduction to ColdFusion Web Development
P132 Intermediate JavaScript
P141 Introduction to Programming in Java
P179 ASP.NET Web Development with C#
P180 Introduction to Visual Basic.NET

Elective Classes (3 required):
MS300 Introduction to Database Design
MS303 Introduction to SQL (Using Access)
MS304 Introduction to SQL (Using MySQL)
P122 Intermediate ColdFusion
P104 Shopping Cart Using PHP and MySQL
P133 Introduction to AJAX
P135 Introduction to jQuery
P142 Intermediate Java Programming
P153 Introduction to Perl
P178 Introduction to C#
P189 Intermediate ASP.NET Web Development with C#
Any core class of the Web Programming Certificate.
Equips the student for work as a Web graphic artist, creating illustrations, pictures, buttons, and other images for use on the Web, as well as the ability to create interactive multimedia designs in Flash or other programs.

Foundation Class: (1 required)
D300 Design Concepts

Core Classes (1 required):
A233 Intermediate Flash
A222 Advanced Adobe Flash
G301 Photoshop Level 1
G401 Adobe Illustrator

Elective Classes (2 required):
A231 Web Animation with Flash
A232 Macromedia Fireworks
A241 Web Videography
D400 Mobile Application UI Design
G303 Photoshop for the Web
G305 Photoshop Retouching
G307 InDesign Level 1
G402 Adobe Illustrator level 2
G501 Introduction to Adobe Edge Animate
Any core class of the Web Graphics and Multimedia Certificate.
Provides practical skills to run web design business in addition to basic technologies provided by the Web Technologies courses and graphics skills provided by the Web Graphics and Multimedia courses (see above).

Foundation Class:
None Required

Core Classes (1 required):
B123 Web Content Writing
B320 Search Engine Optimization
B321 Web Site Promotion
S111 Web Security

Elective Classes (3 required):
B111 Contracting Your Services
B118 Introduction to Apache Administration
B119 Blog and Article Writing
B125 Introduction to DNS
B126 Introduction to UNIX
B127 Introduction to Web Analytics
B128 WordPress Theme Design
B129 Introduction to WordPress
B130 Understanding Drupal
B132 Project Management
B133 Introduction to Joomla!
B134 Intermediate Joomla!
B135 Logos Design
B137 Web Site Project Managment
B322 Email Marketing and Strategies
B324 Social Media Marketing
Any Core Class of the Web Business Certificate.